M Y S T I C A L   G A R D E N   O F   B L O O M S


Behind All These Wonders...

Each Hermazi® Multi-Leveled Organic Design Starts with a Dream

We invite you to reflect your personal style and embrace your wonderful true nature with our new collection.

Inspired by the True Harmony of Nature

This elegant collection showcases fine craftsmanship in every fluid line & curve. Its dynamic appearance builds upon bold creativity. New continuous shapes and expressions are discovered as precious flowers are reinterpreted into structural gem-encrusted blooms. Each sophisticated silhouette captures the very essence of its vibrant and natural tribute. An abundance of luminous diamonds grace each meticulously set design in an unrivaled display of brilliance. The result is anything less than visionary. 

A Beautifully Complicated Symphony of Shapes

The Difference Between the 'Original' & 'Petite'

Our expert design team and master jewelers combine elements from the Original-sized rings of the 'Mystical Garden of Blooms' Collection and engineeringly incorporate them into Petite-sized versions. Meticulous and precise calculations shrink the special construction of the Original without sacrificing main design features. 

The result of a Petite is an extraordinary ring that tastefully beholds more or less than a 100 brilliant diamonds in a small frame. 

A true visionary form; Something thought as impossible but proven to be achievable.

Original Design

Petite Design

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