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Your Love is One-of-a-Kind. The Ring that Represents it should be Too.

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Discover Hermazi® Hand-Made Designs, Inspired by the Splendor of Nature

Honeybees create honey from the sweet nectar of nearby blooms on which they are foraging. 
The look and taste of each honey is unique and distinctive similar to that of each hand made Hermazi® engagement ring showcased in our Honeycomb Collection.

In Vivid Detail

A romantic half-round shaped body that features a lace-like open-work design is a signature in all the Honeycomb Collection pieces. 

Luminous diamonds grace the breathtaking designs in an unrivaled display of brilliance. Each rhythmic piece is encrusted with more or less than a 100 brilliant diamonds in a small frame. Master artists and craftsmen have devoted consummate artistry and precise expertise to produce such striking scintillation.

Diamond Intense

The Honeycomb Collection exquisitely showcases an immense quantity of brilliant diamonds in its 12 unique designs. Due to the complexity of the ring's details and the amount of precious diamonds to be placed, Hermazi® diamonds are professionally mapped out with exact measurements and separation before they are carefully set under magnification by the hands of an experienced master diamond setter.

Hexagon_Perspective-1nor (1).png

 Rich in

Passion & Glow

H 515151.png

Each elegant design allows an everlasting stream of light to shine through its graphic lines and dazzling curves. These nature-inspired, multi-leveled diamond designs glow from the bottom up capturing the depth of luminescence. A presence of endless love that sparkles from every angle.

Accommodating an Exquisite Selection of Center Stone Shapes

Each engagement ring design in our Honeycomb Collection can accommodate round, oval, cushion, princess, emerald, radiant, marquise, and pear shaped center stones ranging in size from 0.90 carats to 3.00 carats, available by special order.

Stone Shape 2ph.jpg

Echo the Passion of your Honeycomb Engagement Ring


The dipped shape of our Hermazi® Contour Wedding Bands have been carefully designed to sit flush against the elegant curvature of your adored engagement ring from our Honeycomb Collection. The contoured shape allows you to accessorize one or both sides of your Honeycomb Engagement Ring. 

Offering 4 Hermazi® Honeycomb Bands as the Perfect Complements: 

Pair these bands with any engagement ring from our imperial Honeycomb Collection for an elegant form-following fit. 

Capturing the Fascination of Natural Beauty

The Honeycomb Diamond Cage

Hermazi® Honeycomb Designs showcase a bottom floor of graduating pave-set diamonds.


5-2 (2).jpg

Unique Bottom Diamond Floor

For a glowing look,  Hermazi offers its 12 Honeycomb designs with a diamond encrusted under-gallery. The luxurious diamond floor is seamlessly fit then soldered by skilled craftsmen just underneath the ring's half-round shaped shoulders. The 2-piece under-gallery holds a total of 18 shimmering diamonds which peak out from the ring's open-work details in an exquisite glow.

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