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Hermazi® 'Stardust' Diamond Bracelet

Hermazi® 'Stardust' Diamond Bracelet


A special peice we are proud to showcase; The Hermazi® 'Stardust' Diamond Bracelet. This highly detailed item displays immaculate quality, craftmanship, and design. Our expert designer and master jewelers in collaboration have created an intensely intricate showstopping peice that glistens from each and every angle. Every surface, visible or not, is polished to perfection. 

© Copyrighted Design

Total Number of Stones, not including center stone: 32 Diamonds


Total Carat Weight, not including center stone: Approximately 16 ctw

Each Diamond is 0.5 Carats.


Side-Diamonds are G Color & VS Clarity. 

All rings are set with ethically sourced, conflict-free natural diamonds.


Our diamonds are handpicked by certified Hermazi® gemologists & hand-placed by highly skilled diamond setters under powerful magnification.

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